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Rules | Guidelines | Warnings

Post  Katea on Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:32 pm

Rules and Guidelines:

File Theft
You may not sell, or redistribute in any way, files that are not yours unless you have resell rights or permission from the original owner.
This rule also includes files from other websites (second life, stock photos).

:: Breaking this rule could lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

Shop Integrity
Give thorough and honest details about your files.
File name
Price: 0,000 credits
ps psd PSD file
512 by 256 in size
Limited to 5 Buyers or Limited: 5 of 5 available
Don't resell files you had previous sold as exclusive.
Don't sell a flat file as PSD (layered) when it's actually just a bunch of recoloured flats.

We currently have open currency payment, meaning you can buy and sell with any currency you wish.
Example: da points, second life L$, gaia gold, paypal or real money.
We have included in our smilie list currency icons for a few of the common currencies exchanged on IMVU.
When you buy or sell with any currency outside of IMVU credits you are doing so at your own risk.

:: If you have been scammed or have not received payment please PM the admin or a mod ASAP.
We cannot get your funds back. You must contact the website where the currency was exchanged.

Baiting and Harassment
Do not harass, bait, or argue with other members of the forum.
Do not mini-mod. If someone is breaking a rule kindly remind them or contact admin/mods.
If you feel someone might be selling stolen files PM admin/mods.

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Re: Rules | Guidelines | Warnings

Post  Katea on Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:26 pm

Warnings and Bans

Warnings are received when someone knowingly breaks forum rules.
If someone unknowingly breaks small forum rules (ex. thread bumping) they will be given a reminder, not a warning.

Bans are received when someone has been given multiple warnings, resold files without permission, or scammed sellers.

3 Warnings = 1 month temporary ban.
The account will be locked and they will not be able to access the forum for 1 month.
If caught changing their IP or making other accounts the length of the ban will be extended by 1 month.
Excessive account making and IP changing will have the account permanently locked and banned.

Redistributing files without permission (aka reselling) = 6 month temporary ban.
This applies to someone who is selling 1 or 2 stolen files.
Those whose shops contain only stolen or "frankensteined" files will be permanently banned.

:: Those in question of selling stolen files will be messaged and asked for proof before any decision about their account is made.

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